Michelle Oakley Leads a New Reality TV Show on Nat Geo

By Jaycee De Guzman | 4 years ago
Michelle Oakley Leads a New Reality TV Show on Nat Geo

Washington, DC – Michelle Oakley is going to be the newest star for a reality TV show on the National Geographic Channel. The show is entitled Doctor Oakley.

The show will first air on April 12. The main plot will revolve around her quest to treat animals, as she is a veterinarian herself. She has served in Yukon for a long time. Opportunities come often to her now that she has retired the position.

In the trailers, she was seen giving medical attention to a caribou. Among other animals that will get her attention are eagles, dogs and other huge ones.

One Episode Turned to a Series

The contract only said that they are going to shoot one episode with Michelle Oakley. She agreed to it. However, it turned out that the episode was good enough for another set of episodes. They will be going back to the Haines Junction, a place where a lot of animals need medical attention, shoot more of the veterinarian.

What could be in Michelle Oakley that made the production shoot more than what the contract said? Is it her genuine desire to treat animals? She says that she enjoys the set. She is fond of telling stories of animals to people. It is even nicer because everyone listens to her.

Additional Tidbits on the Show about Her Life

Michelle Oakley was also generous enough to share her stories when she was still in the Yukon Wildlife Center in Alaska. A part of the show was dedicated to her adventures during her stay in this organization.

Also, the show will showcase different places where animals can be found. This is not just about the conservatories and the parks. Travel is also one of its highlights. Doctor Oakley will be promoted further by Oakley herself on The Today Show and Fox and Friends.

A veterinarian with a genuine love for science could be the best way to describe Michelle Oakley. Will she be able to radiate this love on television? Or will it be a boring animal show that no one will have the intention to watch?

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