Microsoft and Other Companies Dream to Produce Quality Internet Shows

By Jaycee De Guzman | 4 years ago
Microsoft and Other Companies Dream to Produce Quality Internet Shows

Microsoft, Yahoo and Sony are among the companies that are already drafting a plan regarding Internet shows. This is exactly like TV shows, but they are brought on the Internet so that a lot of people could access them.

The force that pushed them to pursue the planning is the idea that there are enough streaming sites on the Internet already. These are the primary movers in case the plan will push through. This is where the public will watch and they should be reliable enough, even when traffic is high.

There is also a steady rise in using the Internet as a way to view television shows in real time. Plus, there are already Internet-based shows that are existing.

Attempts That Are Not Widely Accepted Yet

Amazon and Netflix are two giant companies that are on the verge of success in popularizing Internet shows. They have been working on pay TV services in some countries already. However, they rarely produce shows on their own.

They have connived with TV stations for their materials to be shown. This is actually better than illegally downloading the series on televisions. Also, their services are used by the countries where it is available that the traditional cable shows are already neglected of their profit.

Microsoft to Start With Six New TV Series

Microsoft has executed some of its plans already. Humans, one of its projects alongside Xbox will be shown this year. This will be a science fiction movie that was inspired from Halo and Real Humans.

They will also try their luck with another Internet show that is comic in nature. This could be its way of balancing and varying what they can offer. Microsoft said that these Internet shows can be viewed on game consoles provided by the company.

Sony Playstation is going to the same thing. However, they have not released a line-up yet about their shows. However, there is one that is focused on detectives. This show from Sony focuses on investigating cases of superhuman attributes. There are news circulating right now that they will also require their consoles to be used for the programs.

Now, we are living in a world where change is just too quick to happen. Sooner or later, Internet shows will also dominate the scene. What are you going to miss in case these happens? What is so unique about TV shows that you will not let go?

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