Mike & Molly Season 5 Recap: The Couple’s Abstinence

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Mike & Molly Season 5 Recap: The Couple’s Abstinence
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The couple is torn between money and love in the new episode of “Mike & Molly” Season 5 Episode 2 “To Have and Withhold,” which aired last Dec. 15, 2014 at 8:30 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, Molly is having a hard time finishing her book, and the couple starts abstaining from sex. Read on to know why their home becomes a sex-free zone.

Victoria and Joyce come downstairs to the kitchen to know the reason of the loud noise. Molly is hammering the heel of her shoe. She says she was trying to write when the drip on the sink disturbed her. She managed to fix it until she started doing chores and fixing other stuff. Victoria is still confused about the shoe. Molly sadly says it is already a “cry for help.”

Molly confides she cannot start writing ever since she got home. She needs to be done as soon as possible because it is due for publishing. Joyce insists she must start writing because she is their “meal ticket.” Victoria asks how they can help. Molly says they can help if they have enough sex stories to fill half a book. Joyce orders Victoria to make coffee because they will stay with Molly for a while.

The phone rings beside Mike while watching TV. Molly runs from upstairs to stop Mike from answering the phone. She is sure the publisher was the one calling. She cannot talk to the publisher because she has not finished the book yet.

However, Vince answered the other line and approaches Molly to give the phone. Molly signals she cannot answer the phone. Vince tells the caller he was mistaken because he thought his reflection in the mirror was Molly. The caller asks if when Molly is coming back. Molly cannot decide, so Vince tells the caller he will put the phone on hold for a while. Vince starts singing a cliché tune. He then says to the caller to wait for a week after Molly signaled the answer. After the call, Vince boasts he dodged a lot of phone calls in his life. AT&T and RenAsset thought he drowned in a white water rafting trip.

Molly tells Mike that if her book will not be finished, the advance payment will be returned. She is worried that they already bought a car. Mike approaches Molly, thinking he knew exactly what she needs. He starts yelling at her to do her job and finish writing the book, because he is sick of hearing her excuses. Molly starts crying. Mike apologizes and realizes yelling at Molly does not work.

At Abe’s Hot Beef, Mike and Carl are talking about Molly’s problem. Mike is problematic because he cannot help Molly, since he is just the “take out the trash, kill the spiders” type of husband. Carl says Mike is scared of spiders. Mike defends he meant the general type.

Carl asks Mike when was the last time Molly wrote something. Mike answers during the writers’ workshop. Carl is surprised Molly came up with all sorts of kinky stuff in just two months. He says the circus orgy part is “intricate.” Mike is shocked Carl was reading Molly’s book. Carl is proud to say that he and his wife played some characters in the book while being intimate.

Carl asks Mike if he and Molly always have sex. Mike thinks the question is too personal. Carl thinks Molly wrote a lot when she was abstaining. Now that she is back and is always with Mike, she cannot write any. He starts comparing Molly to a boxer. Boxers’ self-denial before a game keeps them focused and sharp. Mike says Molly is not a boxer. Carl backfires that since she got home, she is not writing and just gets physical with Mike.

Vince is watching TV when Molly suddenly turns it off. She says she is trying to write. Vince tells her she was bleaching the grout a little while ago. Molly defends that it is her own process while writing. Vince is mad because he has nothing else to do. He has no choice but to walk to the door and ask a guy down the street to throw rocks off the bridge with him. Before he leaves, Molly reminds him to not leave his hemorrhoid pillow on the sofa. She throws it at him because she is disgusted. Vince catches it effortlessly for the hole at the center of the pillow shoots through his arm. He is amazed.

Molly and Vince start playing with the hemorrhoid pillow. Vince has a plunger on his head. Molly tries to shoot the pillow through the plunger by looking at a face mirror since her back is facing Vince. She successfully shoots it. Joyce suddenly arrives and gets confused on what they were doing. Vince blames Molly because she did not let him watch TV.

Molly is in their room when Mike checks her progress. She says she is done and ready to print it. However, she only meant one page. Mike reads it and realizes it is a letter. Molly plans to propose to the publisher to change the story to a novella. A novella is shorter than a novel and her 64-page book will be enough. Mike clarifies if she will end right in the middle of the story. Molly says she has no choice because she runs out of ideas. She says she is done with writing. Mike tells her he has a plan to make her write again. Molly is starting to flirt with Mike and asks him to make love with her to clear her head. Mike stays away from her. He screams “No” and walks out.

Mike shares with Carl the other day about his night. He says he turned down sex for the first time. Carl promises Mike it will work. Mike is not happy about it because it will be unfair for him. Carl suggests Mike to take a cold shower and tells him that there are other things that bring a couple together besides sex.

Molly goes to Peggy’s house to write. She thinks it is the perfect place because fun dies in her house. Peggy agrees and welcomes her. Molly notices her mother-in-law’s bookshelves which are full of erotic books. Peggy lets her borrow some books.

Molly arrives and tells Mike she came from his mother’s house to write. She proudly says she wrote 15 of the best pages she has ever written. Mike pretends to be happy about it and asks if she will be done soon. Molly plans to make it a trilogy because she is so inspired.

Molly starts making a move again to Mike. Mike stays away from her one more time. Molly thinks Mike is not attracted to her anymore. Mike tells Molly the truth. Molly thinks it is a stupid idea. When Mike said the idea came from Carl, Molly is not surprised. She says their love has nothing to do with her work. Mike says Carl is an idiot and chases Molly to the bedroom.

When Molly attempted to write another page at Peggy’s house, she slowly realizes Mike is right. As soon as she arrives home, she tells Mike that she is not going to pick the book over him. Mike says he chooses money over sex. Molly agrees furiously. Mike declares the house a sex-free zone while the book is not published yet. Mike and Molly say they love each other, shake hands and run away to opposite directions.

In the kitchen, Mike checks out Molly. Molly finds it amazing that her writing goes smoothly when they stopped having sex. She starts to read aloud a part of her book to Mike. Mike messily opens a bottle of beer. He wearily says it works and walks away.

Will the couple survive from the abstinence? Catch the next episode on Dec. 22, 2014.

There you have it for the recap on “Mike & Molly” Season 5 Episode 2 “To Have and Withhold,” which aired last Dec. 15, 2014 at 8:30 p.m. on CBS. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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