Mila Kunis Admits To Using Butt Double

By admin | 7 years ago

Mila Kunis was recently on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show talking about her racy role in “Friends with Benefits.”

The 27 year old actress was not ready to show her butt to the world just yet, and she admitted using a butt double for this “cheeky” movie.

Even though Mila did not want to show her goods, she also didn’t want just anybody taking her place. The movie’s makeup artist and casting director had to do a casting call to find the perfect Kunis butt look-alike. “These young ladies came in and had to show us their derrières, and we had to decide which one resembled mine the most,” explained the former “That 70’s Show” costar. She then went on to joke “I showed side boob and couldn’t just give away everything all at once.”

The film is directed by Will Gluck and also stars popstar and actor Justin Timberlake.

Mila Kunis Admits To Using Butt Double
Mila Kunis Admits To Using Butt Double


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