Ashton and Mila lock lips in front of the Kiss Cam!

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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher lock lips, rather a bit shyly in front of the Kiss Cam on Friday while sitting court side at the L.A Lakers game. Yes, we all think it’s cute and very special but what else is going on in the couple’s lives?

Between the loosely fitted clothes Mila has on and Ashton’s decreasing patience with the paparazzi it seems like the couple is pregnant! Though, the couple feels very strongly about the idea of having kids and that it is more important to them than getting married, we still cannot confirm that the pregnancy rumors are completely accurate.

The couple fell for one another just during the time Ashton’s divorce was going through with his now Ex-Wife, Demi Moore. According to reports, Demi, the Strip Tease star diva had taken a chunk of Ashton’s wealth and empire as the divorce went through. However, the story doesn’t end there. More reports coming in have stated that Demi is determined to rid any sign of Ashton from her life and it also looks like that Demi has admitted herself into rehab!

Some speculations on the web have stated that the reason for her to throw herself into rehab is because she wasn’t able to give Kutcher children and could not handle the fact that Kutcher was going to get his wish of a big family from Mila. But this is still just speculation and there might be other reasons for Demi’s actions as well.

As far as the baby goes for Ashton and Mila, both of them have decided to raise a Jewish child as Mila’s family is Jewish and it is very important to her and her family that the new born child be Jewish. So far so good as Ashton too is getting along with the idea and is open to the possibility of raising a Jewish child.

Source: Metro

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