Mila Kunis’ ‘Hell & Back’ Movie Is Here To Giggle You This Halloween; Trailer To Release Soon!

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
Mila Kunis’ ‘Hell & Back’ Movie Is Here To Giggle You This Halloween; Trailer To Release Soon!

“Hell & Back” is an upcoming adult animation comedy film. The synopsis of the film looks promising, and with Mila Kunis giving voice to a half-demon, half-human, the animated film has touched another level.

The 31-year-old American actress Mila Kunis is going to give her voice for the role of Deema in “Hell & Back” and the upcoming animated movie is going to be fun and scary.

“Hell & Back” will follow the story of Remy, Augie, and Curt who are on their summer vacation from their community college and are working at a local carnival. Curt reveals that the carnival is going to close so, Remy seeks help from a fortune teller to find a quick fix to their predicament. However, something goes wrong when Curt breaks an oath and is now dragged in the laps of Hell. Now, Remy and Augie has to prepare themselves to bring back their friend. Nevertheless, will they be successful?


In an attempt to rescue their friend, Curt from the Hell, Remy and Augie will team up with the beautiful half-demon, half-human Deema and Deema will help them to navigate their way through Hell. Along their journey, the team will meet a Devil who is seriously very obsessed with his small penis, an Angel with a sharp tongue, and a mythical child – Orpheus. “Hell & Back” is sure going to be an irreverent look at the mundane operation of Hell and going into its exotic corners, which has never explored before.

“Hell & Back” which is distributing by Freestyle Releasing has an incredible production value and a lot of physical comedy. Along with Mila Kunis, Nick Swarsdon, T.J. Miller, Bob Odenkirk, Danny McBride, Susan Sarandon, Rob Riggle, and Jennifer Coolidge will give their voices for the major character. The trailer of “Hell & Back” will release soon.

“Hell & Back” is directed by Tom Gianas (Saturday Night Live, The Awful Truth) and Ross Shuman (Robot Chicken, Robot Chicken: Star Wars) and is scheduled to release this September 25, 2015 and will surely make this Halloween more spooky and witty.

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Image Source: Facebook/ Mila Kunis

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