Mila Kunis Nude Pictures Leak (PHOTO)

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Mila Kunis: The Latest Victim In The Celebrity Hacking Scandal
When will these crazy kids ever learn? Sending and receiving pictures of your latest romantic interest via cell phone is a sweet, sexy way to say “just thinking about you” and “I miss you.” Why hasn’t anyone learned to ERASE the pictures? Come on kids – smart phones are mini computers!

Mila Kunis is the latest victim in the celebrity cell phone hacking scandal. A hacker allegedly got some pretty “seductive” pictures of J.T. off of her phone. Two of the pictures showed him in a bed with no shirt and the other kept with typical J.T. style with a pair of pink panties on his head. The last picture of a male cannot be identified as there was no face in the picture.

The hacker managed to get one pic of Kunis in a bathtub but only her head was visible.

Is this the workings of a crazed celebrity stalker/hacker or is it just a kid who figured out how to hack cell phones? The world may never know.

Mila Kunis Nude Pictures Leak (PHOTO)
Mila Kunis Nude Pictures Leak (PHOTO)

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