Mila Kunis Speaks Out on ‘Black Swan’ Dancing “Scandal”

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Mila Kunis Speaks Out on ‘Black Swan’ Dancing “Scandal”

Mila Kunis Talks Black Swan Dance ScandalBlack Swan co-star Mila Kunis spoke out on the supposed “Dancing Scandal” over how much film star Natalie Portman actually danced in the 2010 film.

“I think it’s unfortunate that this is coming out and taking attention away from [the praise] Natalie deserved and got,” says Kunis to Popeater.

Dancer Sarah Lane was used as Portman’s dancing double throughout the film. Lane spoke out recently saying that it was a cover-up by Fox Searchlight to not give her dancing credit in the film. Why? To enhance Black Swan’s award positioning and that of Portman who was an early standout during Oscar season.

“They were trying to create this facade that she had become a ballerina in a year and a half,” says Lane. “[It is unfortunate that], as professional dancers, we work so hard, but people can actually believe that it’s easy enough to do it in a year. That’s the thing that bothered me the most.”

She went on to say that the studio was trying to showcase Portman as “some kind of [dance] prodigy.”

During production, director Darren Aronofsky said, “She was able to pull it off. Except for the wide shots when she has to be en pointe for a real long time, it’s Natalie on screen. I haven’t used her double a lot.”

Lane is unhappy over her credits from the film, listed merely as a “stunt double.”

After Lane came forward with her accusations, Aronofsky came to Portman’s defense:

“I am responding to this to put this to rest and to defend my actor,” wrote Aronofsky. “Natalie sweated long and hard to deliver a great physical and emotional performance. And I don’t want anyone to think that’s not her they are watching. It is.”

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