‘Miley Cyrus is dead’ hoax quickly comes to an end — She’s alive people

By admin | 4 years ago

Well you can’t help but see the news spread like wild fire over the internet about Miley Cyrus biting the dust. This is typical of the internet, anything about a prominent celebrity gets out and it spreads through every social network. Questions and statements like ‘Is Miley Cyrus dead?’ and ‘RIP Miley Cyrus’ were spread out through Facebook and Twitter.

Lets let the internet contemplate about this news a bit more, meanwhile there hasn’t been any legitimate source to notify us or anybody else about Miley — that she’s in fact dead. She’s not.

Miley Cyrus
A picture has been circulating around the web which makes it out to be a BBC news story. The (fake) news states that the ‘Adore You’ singer dies due to drug and alcohol. However, you wouldn’t have read much further in the very poorly written article till you notice that its full of bull s—t. A media organization such as BBC wouldn’t allow their writers to publish such a poorly written article.

The Parents Television Council have already been in contact with Miley’s family, discussing what has happened.

She’ll not only be missed by her family and friends, but by her millions of fans, though she had lost a substantial amount with her dramatic change that was not favoured by many. Miley will be missed.

The hoax echoes similar false stories of years past.

In other non-news, it isn’t true that Justin Bieber was caught masturbating in his jail cell after being arrest for DUI early Thursday morning.

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