Miley Cyrus Goes Out to Party Amidst Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Cheating Rumours

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Miley Cyrus Goes Out to Party Amidst Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Cheating Rumours
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What’s the first thing a girl does when she hears rumors of her boyfriend two-timing? You’ll probably answer ‘cry her heart out’ or ‘demand for answers’. But for Miley Cyrus, she prefers going out with some friends to paint the town red!

On Monday, March 16, Miley Cyrus dons one of her sexy outfits and goes out to party at The Laugh Factory in West Hollywood. This is quite a scoop, considering that Cyrus is probably still reeling in the news of her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger apparently cheating on her while he’s on vacation in Cabo with some college friends.

But according to the club’s owner Jamie Masada, if Cyrus was devastated over the cheating rumours, she certainly didn’t show it that night. Masada said, “I thought she had the time of her life. She was having a great time and she really enjoyed it. If she did have something going on with Patrick, you could not tell because she was laughing so hard.”

A source for added that Cyrus was in The Laugh Factory with a female friend and was laughing the night away while sitting in the VIP section. Apparently, it was Spanglish night that night and the show featured some Latin comedians. Another source even claimed seeing Cyrus sipping on two cocktails, but she left the club right after the show ended. She even took to Instagram to post a meme of a dishevelled-looking person with “Did you go out last night? Maybe…” written on it.

It was previously reported that Schwarzenegger was spotted hanging out rather closely with another girl during his vacation in Cabo. Through a series of tweets, he explained that the girl he was with was the girlfriend of one of his best friends and swears that he would never think of hurting Cyrus that way.

Unfortunately for him, his tweets weren’t that convincing enough for Cyrus’ fans. And until now, we are still waiting along with Cyrus on Schwarzenegger actually telling his side of the story and giving out full details.

What do you think of Miley Cyrus going out amidst the cheating rumours between her and her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger? Post your comments below.

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Photo source: Miley Cyrus (Official Facebook Page)

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