Miley Cyrus New Stunt for Love magazine’s Christmas special

By admin | 4 years ago

Just when you thought that she had nothing left to expose of herself, she goes and draws something really offensive and just downright wrong on herself.

The 21 year old has donned a ‘penis bodysuit’ during the new shoot for Love Magazine’s Christmas issue. Miley Cyrus donned the nude body suit accompanied by reindeer antlers, a black cape and a short red wig.

The magazine had posted the image to Instagram, but it was soon replaced by another image which had a giant cartoon reindeer to cover up the hostile drawing on Miley’s suit. Apart from that, it wouldn’t really be a Miley photo shoot without Miley sticking her tongue out which she—ahem gracefully did to give us her signature style.

I guess its very safe to say that Miley has fully out grown her Disney years and has bloomed into something very loud and, well, expressive!

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