Miley Cyrus poses nude for W Mag’s Cover

By admin | 4 years ago

One of the most jaw dropping things that a celebrity can do is pose nude in a magazine shoot. Though many stars have done it, it never seems to get old as audiences always want to see what their favorite stars look like underneath all of their glamorous clothing.

Miley Cyrus’s photo cover for W Magazine is a similar story. Though for her it seems to be surprise as the un-orthodox pop star has already shown so much more in her music videos like ‘Adore You’ where she seem to be writhing underneath the covers of her bed in her underwear.

Miley Cyrus
However, being nude on W Mag’s cover isn’t the thing to be noticed here. What catches our eyes is the fact that Miley’s hair is shoulder length in the photo! Not only that but the star’s eyebrows have also been bleached. What does signify? Well that means that the shoot for the cover was held sometime on November of 2013 when Miley dabbled in bleached brows for two days.

In her cover photo for the magazine, Miley dons blonde locks that come down to her shoulders, her torso is covered with a pillow (or cushion) which gives way to stage her sizzling leg. The only part of Cyrus that IS covered are her fingers and wrists which have been dressed up in all sorts of fancy and glamorous jewelry.

Other than that Miley says that her mom always gets angry at her when she lets her tongue loose while being photographed. However, her argument is that she gets embarrassed and does not want her pictures taken.
Yeah! We sure believe that Miley.

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