Miley Cyrus Posts Gross Wrist Surgery Photos [WATCH VIDEO]

By Dondi Tiples | 3 years ago

Not content with naked videos of her straddling humongous balls mid-air, twerking against Robin Thicke’s crotch onstage, and various sundry images of her naked breasts, Miley Cyrus has outdone herself again in her bid for attention by posting stomach-churning photos of her wrist surgery on social media.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer was hospitalized late last week with a wrist injury of some kind that required surgery. Cyrus posted the photos of the procedure but photoshopped the images to make them less vomit-inducing to the rest of the world.

The graphic picture of her cut-open wrist with the outer flesh layer stretched gaping wide by medical instruments made the rounds of social media, prompting people to ask whether this is Cyrus’ version of “breaking the Internet,” so to speak.

Cyrus’ millions of Instagram fans surmise that the surgery may have been for the removal of a cyst from her left wrist.

“The gown is sooooo hipster,”  posted Cyrus, together with a pouting photo of her in a regulation hospital smock, followed by images of her open wrist on the operating table.

Fortunately, the graphic photos were superimposed with a smiley face, a pizza slice, a dog head, Elvis and other tiny images to keep the posts from appearing too gory to viewers.

The pop performer also posted photos of herself in a pullover enjoying a book and munching on a giant cookie while apparently recuperating from her surgery.

“'weadin my favwitt book in my favwitttt sweataaaa suwwwwounded by (love),” Cyrus captioned. Known for her outrageous behavior, nipple pasty costumes and mile-long tongue wagging on-stage, the former Disney child actress recently turned 22 with a raucous celebration that included topless dancing, riding a mechanical dildo, and a torrid liplock with celebutante Paris Hilton while new beau, Patrick Schwarzenegger (yes, Arnold’s son), looked on indulgently.

Recent reports mentioned that Schwarzenegger admitted to being leery about hanging out at Cyrus’ house too much because of it being too dirty for his tastes.

Feeling some Miley Cyrus love yet? Here’s a video report of her graphic surgery photos to enjoy:

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Marit Nicolaysen



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