Is Miley Cyrus In A Romantic Relationship With Dane Cook?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Is Miley Cyrus In A Romantic Relationship With Dane Cook?
Miley Cyrus

Hold on guys!!! Though there have been some reports that Miley Cyrus has hooked up with Dane Cook; we are told that they are not accurate at all. Continue reading to find out more on this.

A source claimed that Miley Cyrus and Dane Cook have been dating causally but there is no substantial data to validate this piece of information. The duo is definitely good friends, but it stops there. It seems as if the two celebrities belonging to different gender cannot be friends without the media tagging them as “hooked up”

Gossip Cop has recently reported that Cyrus is a big fan of Dane’s stand up comedy and also attended a couple of his shows at “The Improv” and “The Laugh Factory,” earlier this year. The duo was also captured in an Instagram photo together.

However give them a break!!! Just because they posed together does not necessary mean that Miley is dating Dane.

Gossip Cop had previously reported that a tabloid was wrongly claiming that Miley had been hooking up some other celebrities.

Indeed, Miley and Dane are close friends but there is no romantic relationship between them. A source close to Miley informed Gossip Cop that the dating rumor is absolutely false.

Dane Cook, 43, had a good laugh responding to the reports that he is romantically involved with Cyrus, 22. He was amused and said that he was always the last one to know about such things when E! News asked him about their supposed romance on Wednesday.

The host of MTV Video Music Award and the stand-up comedian has apparently been friends for several years now.

Despite rumors, the comments made by Cook makes it ample clear that these two celebrities share a completely platonic relationship.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Miley Cyrus

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