Miley Cyrus takes center stage in Will.I.AM’s ‘Feeling Myself’ video

By admin | 4 years ago

Miley Cyrus has had a pretty happening month and she’s made the most of her chances. First there was the marijuana joint incident and then came the AMAs where she sang ‘Wrecking Ball’ in front of a huge animated cat who seemed to mimicking her words. And now she makes way in to Will.I.AMs new single, ‘Feelin’ Myself’.

This shows more Miley and less Will considering the song is being sung by him while Miley is in every other scene dancing her way into the video but surprisingly she refrains from twerking this time around. Although there isn’t any twerking involved, Cyrus still manages to atleast mention the word in her song.

“I step in this mother****er just to make it work/I get on the floor just to make a booty twerk,” she sings, knowing where her bread and (booty) butter is right now.

Despite the fact that Miley acts vague and shocks the crowd, it is fair to note that this twerking and ‘out-of-control diva’ thing is working to her benefit.

Check out Will.I.AM’s ‘feelin’ myself’ video below:

Source: EntertainmentWeekly

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