Miley Cyrus unveils a new “eyebrow-less” look on Instagram

By admin | 4 years ago

The American actress and former Disney Teen sensation has recently uploaded a couple of her pictures up on the social media Instagram. What’s the big deal about that? She’s always uploading her selfies! Well this time around Miley Cyrus has taken it even one more step further. How? Well, the pictures she uploaded showed her face without any eye brows. Yup, the Cyrus’ forehead was naked and looking like all kinds of just plain wrong!

Every time she pulls a stunt I tend to think that she would stop at that but nooo… Miley always has this surprising effect on everyone every week where she comes up with these unusual stunts that stun everybody. First there was the thing at the VMAs and then she lit up what looked like a marihuana joint on stage at the MTV Europe Music Awards and now this.

This year the artist released her fourth album, Bangerz, which continues her journey to search and discover herself.

The album’s first video, for the song Wrecking Ball, has sparked controversy because Cyrus appears with revealing clothing or none at all.

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