Miley’s ‘Adore You’ video leaked! Check out the BIZARRENESS right here

By admin | 4 years ago

Well, what can I say? Just when it seems like Miley is taming herself down to calm her already eye-brow raising image she gets back up on that wild horse and stuns the world again.

This time matching the degree to when we first saw her animalistic side at the MTV Video Music Awards. Miley had already leaked two teasers of her ‘Adore You’ video to prep the audience for her performance in the shocking video. Though the trailers revealed little of what was going to take place in the whole video, now that it is finally leaked up on the internet, we now see the entire ‘performance’ of the star in her new release.

‘Adore You’ is the third single from Miley’s album Bangerz. In the video Miley seems to be doing just a bit more than touch herself. The video simply leaves the viewer in shock and awe as to what she does.

From caressing her neck to teasing her B**bs (teasing is tamely put here) to practically outright masturbating. Cyrus is seen wearing just a bra and panties writhing herself under the covers of her bed in what seems to be like an orgasmic experience for her.

Apart from her scenes in bed, she’s also seen in a tub of water wetting herself still maintaining the sexual aura she showed us in her bed under the covers. Though her song leans more towards the romantic side of life, her video says something totally different entirely . Check Miley out in her video of ‘Adore You’ below.

Source: Billboard

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