Minaj Goes Ballistic at American Idol Audition

By admin | 6 years ago

American Idol was holding auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday until Nicki Minaj went ballistic and started swearing at her fellow judge Mariah Carey. The rapper threatened Carey by saying she would knock her out. Video clearly shows Minaj both shouting and acting in an angry fashion.

She screamed to the other judges that she was not going to put up with Carey and her continual highness. People close to the talent show, said that Minaj used threatening words later off tape claiming she would knock out the mother of twins.

The outburst took place while the two judges were seated at the judge’s table. Keith Urban, one of the four judges was seated between Minaj and Carey, while the fourth judge, Randy Jackson was sitting next to Carey at the far end of the table away from Minaj.

The situation, said people close to the show, took place when the two women judges disagreed over the performance of one of the people who were auditioning. Minaj was heard on the video saying, “get in control.” At the same time, Jackson was telling her she had to calm down, and she could be heard becoming verbally abusive to Jackson as well. Carey was seen talking back to Minaj but her voice was inaudible on the video tape.

Producers of the show stopped the auditions and will continue them at a later date. The show’s executives were uncharacteristically upset over what had happened, as it seems they could be worried that the two stars will not be able to co-exist on the same set over an entire season.

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