‘The Mindy Project’ Gets the Axe, Hulu In Talks to Get the Show

By April Lara | 3 years ago

Fox has decided to cancel one of its TV shows after three seasons.

The Mindy Project” has just gotten axed by its home network for 3 years. But before you freak out, it doesn’t actually mean that it’s the end for the show! How about Mindy’s baby, right? And now that Danny is in India, do we hear wedding bells pretty soon? There’s so much stuff happening and about to happen, which means that they can’t completely cancel the show for good, right?

So, don’t worry because Hulu is in talks with Universal Television to move the show from Fox to their streaming service for multiple seasons! If this deal pushes through, it will include two new seasons, which means that it can go on until Season 6 or even more!

The fate of the comedy series will be known by next week when the decision is to be made and some cancelled shows will also wrap up for good but “The Mindy Project” remains strong and if Hulu gets the show it will be another comedy series that will be resurrected online just like “Community,” which was cancelled by NBC but then Yahoo Screen took over to air the show.

The cancellation of the show is indeed, shocking but let’s keep our fingers crossed that Hulu gets Mindy Kaling’s show because it would be such a waste if they don’t get it! We are looking forward to more Mindy and Danny and their baby, too!

Do you want “The Mindy Project” airing on Hulu? What do you think about this cancellation? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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