The Mindy Project Recap: Season 2 Episodes 17 Be Cool and 18 Girl Crush

By April Lara | 4 years ago

“The Mindy Project” Season 2 Episodes 17 “Be Cool” and 18 “Girl Crush,” aired on April 8, 2014. What’s happening now? How are Mindy and Danny? Read on for “The Mindy Project” recap of “Be Cool” and “Girl Crush.”

“The Mindy Project” Recap: Season 2 Episode 17 “Be Cool”

We all know that Mindy and Danny are together and they’re just amazingly cute. Danny makes her pancakes and it’s just too adorable! However, they’re not “out” in public. No one knows that they’re together as a couple and this complicates things.

Danny said that Mindy is very important to him over breakfast during Episode 17 “Be Cool” and this melted our hearts! We all love seeing them sneaking around the office to make out and to be incredibly mushy together. It’s the thrill that we get because no one knows about them, but things do get old, though.

Mindy walks into her apartment for the first time after 3 days only to find out that her place haS been robbed. This got her pretty nervous and Morgan volunteered to stay with Mindy to ensure her safety… so did Danny. We saw Morgan reassuring Mindy that no one’s going to harm her during the night. So, Mindy finally went to her room and we saw Morgan pulling out a puppy out of his duffel bag. The puppy, being a bit nosy because it’s in a new territory found some men scrubs under the couch and there’s also Peter’s pen that Danny was chewing on earlier. This made Morgan assume that Mindy and Peter are together – and sleeping together.

Morgan brought the pen to Jeremy and they have heard that Peter is dating a “chubster.” And because of this, they were able to put the pieces together and confirmed their suspicion about Mindy and Peter. Since they care for Mindy, they want to interfere.

More trouble is on the way when Brooke (Danny’s old fling) is in town. Brooke is expecting that she would be able to fix things with Danny so she showed up in Danny’s office armed with flirtatious gestures. But since Danny is with someone, he tried very hard to resist her. Mindy found out about this and surely, she got so jealous.

Peter berated Danny about him having a girlfriend but Danny denies it – in front of Mindy! Mindy tries to break the news to Morgan and this freaked Danny out so he decided to throw a party at Mindy’s house and everyone’s invited. Brooke thought that she is coming to the party as Danny’s date. Because of all the mishaps of the day, Danny tries to make it up to Mindy. He puts on a tie and sends her a selfie. And this is, by the way, so adorable!

During the party, Brooke was all over Danny and Mindy saw all of these so she decided to take refuge in her room to smoke when Peter saw her. She told Peter about Danny and asked him for his opinion why Danny won’t go public with her. Peter told her that Danny is just scared to lose Mindy and he creates a plan to drive Danny crazy to push him over the edge and finally admit to everyone that he’s with Mindy. Mindy agreed and they tried to flirt with each other all night and it worked until Mindy tried to sit on Peter’s lap and the chair broke and this ended the party.

Seeing all of these, Morgan and Jeremy’s theories about Peter and Mindy have been confirmed so they tried to confront Peter about it. Betsy proclaimed his love for Danny and Danny stands up; this is the moment when we thought he’s finally going to admit his relationship with Mindy but he did not so Mindy walked away, disappointed.

Because of all of these events, Mindy talked to Danny and gave him an ultimatum. It’s either they go public or they break up. They started fighting every day.

“The Mindy Project” Recap: Season 2 Episode 18 “Girl Crush”

In “The Mindy Project,” Episode 18 “Girl Crush,” Mindy and Danny broke up and their friendship is now damaged. She decided to go to Sheila’s office and she was accepted very warmly. When Mindy is about take the job in Hamilton Health Partners, she found out that they don’t have insurance and everyone pays out of their pockets so this made her walk away. However, she went back to Sheila to get the job only to find out that the only reason they were interested in her was to promote diversity to their new billboard. Peter’s sister, Sally was also in town. Danny tries to start something with Sally and Peter tells him that he’s only using Sally as a rebound. When Jeremy debuted their new portable gynecologist unit, people didn’t take it well and a woman threw a fruit at them. But, Mindy saved the day and she was able to gain the recognition she’s been wanting for so long.

Catch the next episode of “The Mindy Project” (Episode 19 “Think Like a Peter”) on April 15, 2014 at 9:30pm on Fox.


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