The Mindy Project Recap: Season 2 Episode 19 Think Like a Peter [WATCH VIDEO]

By April Lara | 4 years ago

After a week of Danny-Mindy bliss and a week of heartache, “The Mindy Project” fans badly needs a pick upper and it was given through the latest episode, Season 2, Episode 19 “Think Like a Peter,” which aired last April 15, 2014. Read on for MNG’s “The Mindy Project” recap of the said episode.

“The Mindy Project” Recap: Season 2 Episode 19 Think Like a Peter:

Now that Mindy and Danny have broken up, Mindy automatically turns to her next-closest friend, which is Peter to help her get back in the dating scene again. Of course, Peter suggested to Mindy that she should think like him hence the title of the episode. This kind of thinking simply means that she should start dating everyone and cut them loose as soon as possible. Peter encourages Mindy to go to a bar and try to meet someone there and ta-da, there, at the bar is Max Greenfield (“New Girl”).

Mindy and Lee (Max Greenfield) hit if off at the bar and Peter’s advice to Mindy? Play hard to get and it worked. This kept Lee interested. But, the problem was Mindy brought him back to her place only to find out that he’s gone the next morning, without even saying goodbye.

However, Mindy is not sad about this because Lee left his scarf at her place. She thinks that Lee still wants to see him because the scarf is there (duh!). Mindy told Peter about this but Peter didn’t agree that Lee is really interested in Mindy and he only left it by accident. So, to know if Lee’s really interested, they went to the school where Lee teaches and surprise, surprise, it was just an accident. What’s worse is that Lee even mistakes Mindy for a parent of one of the kids he is teaching. They found out that Lee was married. But, it really doesn’t matter anymore because Peter got to punch him in the face.

As for Danny, he’s having a hard time mixing work and personal business. He also walks in on Morgan and Tamra making out in the office’s pantry. However, he knows that Tamra  has a boyfriend and Danny tries to help her make a decision.

We also found out that Danny is now sleeping with Morgan’s sister, Sally.

That’s it for MNG’s “The Mindy Project” recap of Season 2 Episode 19 “Think Like a Peter.” So, “The Mindy Project” fans, how did you like this last episode? It looks like Mindy and Danny is getting closer to middle ground. But, we’ll have to wait and see. Check out MNG for more updates about “The Mindy Project.”

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