The Mindy Project Recap: Season 2 Episode 20 An Officer and a Gynecologist

By April Lara | 4 years ago

“The Mindy Project” Season 2, Episode 20 “An Officer and a Gynecologist” aired on April 22, 2014 and was nearly chaotic! Why? Read more about MNG’s “The Mindy Project” recap about the said episode below:

“The Mindy Project Recap”: Season 2 Episode 20  “An Officer and a Gynecologist”

Mindy doesn’t want to date anyone anymore. After everything that she has been through, it’s time that she swears off guys and she did on this episode. She goes around her place picking up stuff that were from guys who have stayed in her apartment for a night. The lack of romance made Mindy also very focused on her work. Jenny, a new patient comes to see her about birth control and Mindy is all for it even if Jenny’s father doesn’t agree at all. There’s a pill reminder song that Morgan and Mindy sang and when they sang it, Mindy realized that she hasn’t taken the pill for almost 2 weeks now! (Yikes!)

Meanwhile, Danny was mistaken for being Jewish. It all happened when he and Sally are riding the subway when they saw some guys stealing the hat of a rabbi and teasing him about it. Of course, Danny, being the nice guy and all stands up for the rabbi. The rabbi thought Danny is Jewish after seeing his Shulman & Associates Bag and commenting how difficult it is to please his mother. The rabbi visited Danny in his office and recommended a certain Jewish practice with thousands of Jewish females. Danny tries to object but hearing that there are thousands of patients there, he said yes and he got invited over to dinner with the rabbi’s family. Danny can’t say no anymore so he convinces Peter to come with him to the dinner in exchange for 54% of the new patients. During the whole dinner thing, Danny tries to keep up the act but Peter can’t and starts grilling Danny about dating his sister. Things took a turn for the worse when the rabbi’s son walks in on Peter in the bathroom and saw that he is uncircumcised (Jews are circumcised).

Jenny’s father is a policeman, Detective Charlie Lang, and he storms inside Mindy’s office asking Mindy why she gave her daughter birth control. Charlie said that Jenny is still his little girl. Mindy defends her decision only to be given a ticket by Charlie. The ticket is for public female hysteria. And since Jenny is actually on vacation, she needs to stay with Mindy during her vacation and Charlie doesn’t want to at first but eventually lets Jenny stay with Mindy.

Now, Danny-Mindy fans, this is a scene that we’ve been waiting for since their breakup. While Mindy was in deep thought in the break room, Danny walks in and the two start to strike up a friendly and casual conversation. When the whole conversation took a turn, Mindy blindfolds Danny and tries to get him to take her bra off.

In other news, since Jenny is staying with Mindy, she asked for Mindy’s permission if she can have some people over and of course, Mindy said yes. However, she was surprised when she got in her apartment only to realize that the “people” Jenny said are not there to party, drink or whatever but to make out. To make things worse, she saw Morgan tied onto the bed while Jenny attempts to lose her virginity to him. Mindy stopped the whole thing and called Jenny’s father and Morgan’s grandmother. Charlie cleared up the place and overheard Mindy and Jenny’s conversation, Mindy telling Jenny that as a woman, she should learn how to make good decisions.

Mindy and Danny ride the subway together and there was the rabbi again. The rabbi called Danny to talk and Mindy follows, the rabbi thought Mindy was Sally and told the both of them, “That is love, right there.” The two walk out of the subway with Danny staring at Mindy lovingly but still they went to go their separate ways. Mindy came face to face again with Detective Lang and kind of flirts but ends up with another ticket while Danny goes to Sally, to break up with her. Oh no, how will Peter take this?

And that’s “The Mindy Project” recap of Season 2 Episode 20  “An Officer and a Gynecologist.” In other news, we can’t wait for the “Danny and Mindy” finale in two weeks! For the latest updates about “The Mindy Project” make sure that you catch it here on Movie News Guide (MNG).


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