The Mindy Project Season 3 Recap: We’re a Couple Now, Haters!

By April Lara | 3 years ago

Finally, “The Mindy Project” Season 3 has premiered ,and it was just AMAZING! Read on for the recap of the premiere episode.

The first episode of Season 3 started with voiceovers from Danny and Mindy, talking about their relationship, and then we were taken to their daily life. Everything was just perfect until Peter got into Danny’s office to ask for advice about cunnilingus. This was so awkward. And why did Peter suddenly ask him about this? Well, it turned out that Mindy was talking about how great Danny was with his mouth, but Danny wasn’t pleased about this at all.

In other news, Jeremy and Lauren were having a meeting about Doctors Without Molars, n upcoming fundraising event which will bring orthodontists together to go to struggling countries. Tamra then asked on why they are going to these countries when she herself needs help as her insurance will not pay for the braces that she wants. Of course, Mindy, being the feminist that she is, interrupted and took Tamra’s side and claimed that men are taking control of health care, which was the reason why Tamra can’t get the braces. She suggested putting up a charity that will help women who wants to look “bang-able” at work.

And speaking of that, Mindy got Lou’s attention, and he made sure that he gets Mindy’s attention by licking a popsicle while looking at her. Danny saw the whole thing. Obviously, he did not like it and told him that they don’t eat popsicles in the office.

Danny and Mindy talked about secrets, and Mindy agreed that she would try her best to keep her sex life private. However, just when she was so ready to keep her promise, she found a pink thong in Danny’s drawer. She then tried to find out who the owner of the thong is. Peter accidentally saw her holding the thong and asked her why she has it. Peter then informed her that it’s a stripper thong. It has a pouch!

Hearing this, Mindy Googled it but Morgan interrupted her and pointed out that that is a man’s thong. Mindy found out that Danny used to be a stripper!

Mindy confronted Danny about it, and he tried to brush off the conversation. During the charity event, Peter found out that Lauren cheated on him. He confronted Lauren about this, and she admitted that she and Jeremy kissed. Peter looked for Jeremy and punched him in the face. After that, Jeremy and Peter tried to talk things through, but it looks he didn’t understand the rules of love and friendship by saying that he’ll probably try to be with Lauren soo,n even though people might not take it well.

The best part of this episode? Well, it was when Danny and Mindy were on a fire escape, and Danny started telling Mindy about his secrets. To make the episode even better, Danny lap danced Mindy. It was very adorable!

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