The Mindy Project Season 5 Spoilers Episode 3: Ben Figures Out Mindy’s Feelings; Episode 2 Recap

By Disha Mashelkar | 1 year ago
The Mindy Project Season 5 Spoilers Episode 3: Ben Figures Out Mindy’s Feelings; Episode 2 Recap
Mindy Project Season 5

To tickle your funny bone, The Mindy Project Season 5 returns with Episode 3 on Tuesday. The previous Episode 2 reveals nurses go on strike. This strike affects everyone at the hospital especially Mindy’s ailing son. Nurse Ben’s soft side is also explored and looks like Mindy is falling in love again.

Here is what happens in Episode 2 titled Nurses’ Strike:

Mindy’s upstairs apartment is gone!

The upstairs apartment which Jody gifts Mindy in Episode 1 of Season 5 is now put up for sale by him. The Episode 2 titled Nurses’ Strike reveals that Jody is all set to sell the upstairs apartment. Mindy thinks that Jody will not take it back from her. But to her surprise, he has already called up prospective buyers to sell the upstairs apartment.

Mindy now vows to buy this upstairs apartment and for this, she sets on a hunt for cash worth $25,000.

Mindy signs a petition

Mindy is able to convince Jody that she will collect the cash as soon as possible and will buy the upstairs apartment. Meanwhile, at work Brendan Deslaurier is trolling for a doctor to work for the midwives. So, Mindy signs up the petition. She says, “I love signing petitions. They make me feel less bad about never voting.”

When Mindy returns to her work she gets a big lecture from other doctors. She learns that all the extra money for the nurses (for which Mindy signed the petition) will go from the pockets of the doctors. This comes as a big shocker to Mindy and she now hopes to get rid of her name from the petition. She quietly tries to erase her name from it but the other nurses busted her.

This makes the nurses feel bad and they all call out for a strike.

Doctors act as nurses

Now that the nurses have gone on strike all the duties are left to doctors to perform. This is not a good thing for Mindy who fails at taking out a patient’s blood for testing. Moreover, they took her son Leo to a pediatrician as he suffers from an ear infection.

Meanwhile, all the doctors face the wrath of nurses gone on strike as they pass comments on doctors. Back to work, the doctors decide to hire scab nurses but that does not work out. This is because of the working background of those nurses (One of which works at Asylum) and also some of them plan to go on month’s long vacation.

So they think of talking to Morgan and take him out to lunch. Doctors feel he is the weakest link. But to their surprise pediatric Nurse, Ben cracks open in front of them and takes Morgan away. Jeremy felt even angrier as Mindy and other doctors try to almost bribe him to stop the strike.

Mindy’s son in trouble

Amidst the strike of nurses and Mindy’s struggle to get money to buy the condominium, her son’s ear infection increases. She rushes to the ER but meets the same nurse. The latter had come for the interview and works at the asylum. She in under the impression that she will receive help as she is a doctor but that does not work out.

Outside the hospital, nurses continue shouting slogans and raising their demands. They initially stop Mindy from entering. But after learning about her son’s emergency situation, they let her go in. Nurse Ben seems affected by what Mindy is going through and hence, takes her number from Morgan. He asks her to help outside and they both sneak off to Shulman & Associates.

Ben helps Mindy

Ben teaches Mindy how to put the ear drops and keep the baby still by making him watch his favorite show on a tablet. Mindy thanks Ben by trying to give him some money which he refuses to take. He rushes off because he is working as a bouncer during the strike to earn money for his daughter.

Back to work

Mindy visits Jody and pays him the money in cash. Jody is surprised to see that Mindy gets the money in such a less time period. To which she initially keeps quiet, but later the truth is revealed. Mindy becomes the on-call doctor for the midwives. That is how she makes up for the money to by the condominium. Moreover, there is now even an advertisement on a bus that pictures Mindy saying, “I wish I was a midwife!”

The episode ends with other doctors getting mad at her.

What happens next?

The Mindy Project Season 5 Episode 3 is titled as Margaret Thatcher according to Spoilers Guide. The promo for this episode reveals that Ben tries o figure out Mindy’s feelings for him. When Ben says in the promo, “You like me” to which Mindy replies,”ex-squeeze me!”

The promo also shows that the nurse’s strike continues and doctors become worried about it. The Mindy Project Season 5 Episode 3 will air on Oct 18 on Hulu network.

Watch the promo HERE.

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