‘Minecraft’ Wii U Edition Was Told To Be Released; Failed To Show Up; Nintendo Direct Remained Silent

By Gemmie Caranay | 2 years ago
‘Minecraft’ Wii U Edition Was Told To Be Released; Failed To Show Up; Nintendo Direct Remained Silent

“Minecraft”  has been considered by a game enthusiast to be one of the best  game ever.  In fact, millions of digital copies  been sold for the Xbox and PlayStation version alone. Now, the news leak about “Minecraft” coming to Wii U is definitely one big deal for fans who have been constantly on the lookout  after the game developer admitted that the Nintendo version of “Minecraft”  is a possibility.

More “Minecraft” News?

So for the excited gamers who still can’t believe that it is happening,  “Minecraft” Wii U is coming. But what’s surprising is the fact that Nintendo Direct has been silent about details with regards to the game release and possible date of release.

But if rating leakage from European board is to be the basis, as recounted by Nintendo Enthusiast, then it is a sign that ”Minecraft” Wii U a possibility. There are rumors that Nov. 12 is the date since PEGI have it on their listing. Yet again, Nintendo Direct remained silent.


As reported by Christian Today, their impression on the game is more suited for gamers around 7 years old and older. The game comprises unrealistic violence directed to fictional characters. The sounds and pictures can even be scary to younger kids.

Unluckily, “Minecraft” Wii U Edition failed to show up and the listing made by PEGI has been mysteriously removed.  


As Segment Next tries to comprehend  PEGI’s  moves, this has steered to the conclusion that details about  “Minecraft” Wii U Edition were a mistake.  PEGI has always been reliable and every game they put in listings are usually released in no time.

The site came to conclude that perhaps, “Minecraft” Wii U is still testing or in the polishing stage.

For now, gamers will have to be contented playing the game on many different platforms like Xbox One and Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and 4, PlayStation Vita,  PC and tablet devices.

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