‘Minions’ Movie Sets Record For Second Biggest Opening In History After ‘Shrek The Third’

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
‘Minions’ Movie Sets Record For Second Biggest Opening In History After ‘Shrek The Third’
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The new animated feature ‘Minions’ got the second-largest animated opening in history, according to Variety. The adorable little yellow beings from “Despicable Me” proved to be lucky at the box office. Their first standalone feature has already earned $115.2 Million at the box office in the North American countries. ‘Minions’ proved to the world that they are capable of doing things right on their own and do not need a big star cast to support them.

The record holder for the largest animated opening in history is 2007’s “Shrek the Third.” It opened to packed houses earning $121.6 million in the first weekend.

Minions tells the story of small yellow pill like creatures who have evolved only to serve a single purpose. Their singular destiny is to serve supervillains as their loyal henchmen. The story begins as the little beings decide to find a new master villain to work as their overlord. They hitchhike with a family of villains to Orlando and find themselves a lady supervillain to serve under. The minions then move to London and try to steal the Queen’s crown.

According to Business Insider, the movie, ‘Minions,’ had an estimated budget of only 74 million, even though it doesn’t boast of a big star cast. Jon Hamm and Sandra Bullock are the only stars in the film. However, the publicity and promotion for the film cost over $600 million, but it looks like the production house will make a good profit with this movie.

The summer of 2015 is turning out to be quite a money churner for the movie industry. This record-setting opening continues to make this summer profitable for Universal Studios, which released the film. Its previous releases, “Furious 7” and “Jurassic World,” have each crossed $1 billion at the global box office and the “Jurassic World” has become the highest-grosser on the opening weekend of all time.

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