‘Minions’ Trailer Released; ‘Despicable Me’ Co-Stars Get Their Own 2015 Movie [WATCH VIDEO]

By Kevyn Cortez | 3 years ago
‘Minions’ Trailer Released; ‘Despicable Me’ Co-Stars Get Their Own 2015 Movie [WATCH VIDEO]

Watch the first official trailer to Illumination’s “Minions,” a spinoff/prequel-of-sorts of its “Despicable Me” franchise, featuring none other than the slapstick yellow-skinned adorable minions. Read on for further details.

See Illumination’s latest trailer for its “Despicable Me” spin-off/prequel, “Minions,” which will be invading theaters in 2015. First teased in the ending credits of "Despicable Me 2," the three-minute trailer reveals the origins of the lovable henchmen, dating back from the times where Dinosaurs roamed the earth. Starting as single-celled yellow organisms, the minions have evolved throughout the ages, in search and perpetually in service of the most despicable of masters, accidentally killing the likes of a T-rex, an Egyptian pharoah, Napoleon and even Dracula. Finding a master was easy, but keeping one, that’s where things get tricky.

Without a master, they had no purpose, becoming aimless and depressed. If this went on much longer, they will surely perish. Going by many names like Dave, Carl, Norbert who’s an idiot, the movie feature three exemplary minions: Kevin, who is set to find the biggest baddest villain to be their master; Stuart, who absolutely loves bananas; and Little Bob, who’s scared of their upcoming adventure.

Their journey takes them at a villain convention, where they compete for the right to be henchmen for Scarlet Overkill, a stylish and ambitious villain determined to dominate the world and become the first female supervillain. Travelling through Antarctica to 1960s New York City, they end in London, where they must confront a threat to save their minion-kind from annihilation.

“Minions” feature the voices of Sandra Bullock as Scarlet Overkill and Jon Hamm as Herb Overkill, Scarlet's husband and an inventor; Michael Keaton; Allison Janney and Steve Coogan. It is produced by Illumination Entertainment’s Chris Meledandri and Janet Healey for Universal Pictures. It is written by Brian Lynch and directed by Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin, with Chris Renaud serving as executive producer of the film.

“Minions” will be invading the big screens on July 10, 2015.

That’s it for the first official trailer of “Minions.” For more details on upcoming movies, stay tuned here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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