Minnesota Timberwolves Are Going To Cut Anthony Bennett

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Minnesota Timberwolves Are Going To Cut Anthony Bennett

Anthony Bennett, who was the number 1 overall pick of 2013 draft, is being cut. Apparently, he is no longer the management’s favorite. He probably annoyed them by taking the centerstage too often. The other problem with Anthony Bennett is that he is too expensive to keep. Read on for more details.

Bennett is going to be cut soon and his contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves is going to be bought out by them. The Timberwolves still have a pending contract with Bennett, but they are trying to get out of the deal even as we speak. They have been on the look out for a trade for Anthony Bennett all year and having found none, have given up the hope of ever replacing him with somebody else.

It is strange that a number 1 overall pick has fallen so low that he is getting cut from the team even when he has a solid contract with them for the next three years. If Anthony Bennett were to stay on the team, he would have earned 22.6 million dollars from the team.

But Bennett is no longer the darling of the management. He has hogged the play too many times and has done a lot to annoy them. Also, he is a very expensive keep and the management no longer wants him around. He is doing really bad on the statistics front too. He played poorly at almost all the matches and is now looking like a liability more than an asset. He has missed many three point shots that are probably the hardest to make.

He did do better when he was playing with the Canadian team, but it didn’t impress the Timberwolves management. Sportscasters from ESPN believe that he may get back in the game as a free agent; after all, he is still young at only 22-year-old and he may still have some game left in him.

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