Miranda Kerr Gets $100K Diamond Earrings for Christmas

By Christine Torralba | 3 years ago
Miranda Kerr Gets $100K Diamond Earrings for Christmas
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Ahmad Fauzi Abdullah | Supermodel Miranda Kerr, 30 July 2009.

Most adults receive a mug for Christmas, while some are lucky enough to even get a new shirt. For Miranda Kerr, however, Christmas means a whole different story, especially if you’ve got a billionaire for a suitor.

After slamming rumors about Australian billionaire James Packer’s love affair with the gorgeous supermodel Miranda Kerr, there may be reason to believe that there really is something going on between the two. As sources revealed, Kerr received a pair of diamond earrings from Packer as an early Christmas present.

The earrings weren’t an ordinary thing. In fact, the earrings reportedly cost $100,000, and they were the type that every girl would want.

As revealed by Woman’s Day, Packer and Kerr have been spotted dating after they ended their respective marriages to other people. While they are not committed to one another, their friends reveal that the two have a modern arrangement and that they "see each other when they’re in the same country but also see other people."

Photos of the 31-year-old supermodel on board the 47-year-old businessman’s family’s super-yacht called “Arctic P” surfaced. The two were on vacation off the coast of Spain when they were photographed just weeks after Kerr’s rep denied speculation that the supermodel was pregnant with his child.

To add to the complication of the story, Packer’s ex-wife, Erica, was spotted with Orlando Bloom, Kerr’s ex-husband, as they spent some alone time on board the same yacht. This was weeks before Packer and Kerr went on a holiday.

Since then, people have been guessing about the status of their relationship. After a number of secret hook-ups between New York and LA, it seems like the two jetsetters have an understanding between them. After all, Kerr has also been spotted going out on dates with Steve Bing, another US tycoon.

When asked on who she was dating, Kerr revealed to InStyle that she was still "very single" and that she will "go on an occasional date here and there."

As Kerr keeps mum about her love life, we can only be jealous with the $100,000 diamond earrings she received.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Ahmad Fauzi Abdullah

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