Miranda Lambert Admires Gwen Stefani In spite Of Her Dating Blake Shelton?

By SURABHI VERMA | 2 years ago
Miranda Lambert Admires Gwen Stefani In spite Of Her Dating Blake Shelton?

Have you ever thought about any similarities between Gwen Stefani and Miranda Lambert? We are not just talking about their being into relationship with Blake Shelton. However, it does not put a full stop if both the ladies can show some sympathy towards each other. Both of them are certainly aware of each other’s circumstances. Read On!

It has been recently revealed by a source of HollywoodLife.com, “Despite the fact that Gwen is dating her ex-husband, Miranda has always been a fan of her music.” It has also been revealed that the starlet can very well relate to her music, especially her latest one being “Used To Love You.” The track is deeply emotional and creates a feeling of getting over your ex-love with a realization that at some point in her life, she was deeply in love with him.

Well, it will not be appropriate to create another bonding between the two, as both have their own relations to Blake; sadly they won’t bond with any other possibility. Gwen Stefani’s mesmerizing performance at American Music Awards on Nov 22 left many of her fans in tears.


Though Blake’s presence might have been expected by many, his unavailability at the awards night couldn’t stop him to get onto twitter and write about Gwen’s performance. When a few minutes were left for Gwen to hit the stage, a tweet from Blake came in that made many Stefani-Blake fans to take a note of it. His support for his ex-wife has been evident as he wrote, “Prepare for greatness.”

Afterwards when a fan re-tweeted that Gwen’s performance has been terrific and the best of all, Blake replied by writing, “Agreed.”

Meanwhile all drama between the trio it has been clear that both Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton have been admirers of Gwen Stefani’s music and her soulful voice.

Photo Source: Facebook| Gwen Stefani Miranda Lambert

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