Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton Divorce: ‘Little Red Dragon’ Singer Cheated With 5 Men?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton Divorce: ‘Little Red Dragon’ Singer Cheated With 5 Men?
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The divorce controversy surrounding Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert has somehow pointed out that Lambert is the “victim.” However, with everything that happened prior to the divorce and Shelton being as cruel as he could be, it seems like some have overlooked the fact that Lambert might be the one who did Shelton wrong, hence the throwing out of stuff, etc. Read on for more details.

In the latest cover of Star Magazine, it shouts out a screaming headline: “Miranda Cheater with Five Men! Slept With Blake’s Best Friend, Destroyed Two Marriages.”

KPopStarz reported that the article is about Shelton and Lambert’s marriage,  which to be claimed “built on lies.” Their relationship started already with lies and affairs issues.

According to an insider, the country singer cheated on “The Voice” judge with two different men. It was said she cheated with his best friend, Jamey Johnson and major league baseball player Josh Beckett in 2007.

 “Josh was dating his childhood sweetheart Holly when he first got involved with Miranda, Holly may have known about the affair, but she married him anyway.” the magazine said.

Shelton allegedly hired a private investigator to find out about Lambert’s affairs. During her wife’s tour, he caught her hugging another man and that forced them to admit everything and end the marriage.

So, who’s who, then?

Did Lambert really cheat with five men? Well, it always takes two to tango and Shelton hasn’t spoken up about his part… so that’s what we have to wait for.

Do you think there’s a truth behind the cheating accusations being hurled at Lambert? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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