Miranda Lambert Opens Up For The First Time — Shares Her Divorce Heartache With Fans, Tells Them The One Thing She Deserves

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago

Opening up is definitely the best thing to do when you are hurt, that’s what Miranda Lambert just did in her recent performance. See the details below. Read on for more details.

Lambert tells everybody the one thing she deserves when she  shares her divorce heartache with her fans at the Minnesota Country, WE Fest, 2015.

The 31-year-old country singer took the stage in Detroit Lake in Minnesota on the second night of the three-day music festival. She opened up for the very first time about her recent divorce to her singer, ex-husband Blake Shelton, making her recent appearance as one of the most searched topic on the web.

It was reported by some audience that while performing some of her songs to the audience that had gathered at the event, Lambert decided to speak up once and for all. The blonde country beauty gets a little personal onstage as she made a very personal comment about her status after her unexpected divorce.

According to E! News, every single word that Lambert said was really meant to be a joke for her part, but when it comes to her fans it sounds like that she’s saying something that she wanted to spill since the divorce. The singer said that she really wished she had been drinking all day because she deserves it, as she just got divorced.

Lambert’s fans were quick to react to her simple, but definitely an emotional statement. They expressed their support and sympathy to the singer using their personal, social media accounts saying that they don’t mind at all if they need to  be her drinking buddy.

On the other hand, Us Weekly reported that there was a fan who claimed that Lambert began to tear up while singing the song “Over You.” It is a song that she and her ex-husband wrote together which was about Shelton’s brother who died in a car accident.

Incidentally, Blake Shelton also took the stage at the WE Fest in the same place where Miranda Lambert gave her short comment. It happens to be Shelton’s final scheduled show in his concert calendar for this year.

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Photo Source: Facebook| Miranda Lambert

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