Miss Bala Remake Update: Sony Tapped Twilight Fame Director Catherine Hardwicke

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Miss Bala Remake Update: Sony Tapped Twilight Fame Director Catherine Hardwicke
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Sony has opted popular drama film Miss Bala for a remake in a Hollywood styled version. The original film is loosely based on a real-life incident. 2012’s winner Miss Sinaloa, Laura Zúñiga was detained along with her alleged group members for carrying weapons in a truck near Guadalajara, Jalisco. Sony Pictures will be making a remake of the critically acclaimed film again, which will be directed by Twilight fame Catherine Hardwicke. It is speculated that the film will be an adaptation of the original Mexican film with no modification in the story and characters.


The film details about the events related to the life of Zúñiga who had to join the narcos for some reason. She later became a part of them and was popularly known as Miss Bala. She was said to be an unwilling participant of the entire crime scenario. It is said that her involvement does not include the urge of power and money; in fact, she was more in the state of terror. (Via Screen Crush)

Mexican film Miss Bala, begins with Stephanie Sigman’s character Laura Guerrero and her family. She enters a beauty pageant with her friend but they got entrapped in a deadly situation in a night club. Laura becomes the witness of bloodshed caused by the La Estrella gang. The narcos gang leader kidnaps Laura and her family members to use her to continue their illegal business.

At the end of the film, she wins the beauty pageant and La Estrella exploited her for their illegal business. She later comes to find out that her friend is not dead and has become a part of the military as their undercover. The film concludes with cops dropping Laura at an unknown location.

Remake Update

Miss Bala remake will be directed by Catherine Hardwicke, but it isn’t known whether she will continue with the original storyline or not. She is one of the directors who has mostly taken a female character at the center of her story. Also, this film will give her complete independence to explore the point of view of a girl who is traumatized and is helpless. Some of her work includes Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown, Red Riding Hood and Twilight.

Furthermore, it is rumored that Jane the Virgin fame Gina Rodriguez is being considered for the role of Laura Zúñiga. She is said to be one of the front-runners and the most favorite choice of the team. Indeed, Rodriguez has an impeccable career record and several accolades. She has played significant roles in films like musical drama Filly Brown and biopic Deepwater Horizon.

Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer has been roped in to write the script while Kevin Misher and Pablo Cruz will produce the film for Sony. However, other than this, nothing has been confirmed about other cast members of the film. Also, no further updates on storyline and production have been unveiled until now by Sony on the upcoming remake. (Via The Hollywood Reporter)

Miss Bala Reception

It has received positive reviews and remarks with its opening. The film was widely appreciated by the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011. Miss Bala was the Mexican entry for the category of Best Foreign Language Film in 2012 84th Academy Awards.

Release Date

Miss Bala remake has no release dates as of now. The film is still under development and a lot of cast members are yet to be confirmed by Sony.

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