Miss Earth 2014 Partial List of Contestants [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ambika Thakur | 3 years ago
Miss Earth 2014 Partial List of Contestants [WATCH VIDEO]
İlknur Melis Durası who is the titleholder of Miss Earth Turkey 2012/Kurgu Karga

Miss Earth 2014 will be held on Nov. 29, 2014 in Manila, Philippines. This will mark the 14th edition of the Miss Earth Pageant.  More than 1o0 delegates from all over the world will be vying for this prestigious title and take the opportunity to raise awareness for the environment and the protection of Mother Earth.  Read on  Movie News Guide (MNG’s) report for Miss Earth 2014 details.

This year the theme of the contest is Ecotourism. In 2001 Carousel Productions Inc. has launched the Miss Earth Beauty Pageant.

The mission of this beauty event was to have its candidates and winners dynamically support and get involved in the preservation of the environment and the protection of Mother Earth. The winner of Miss Earth serves as the Ambassador to environmental protection campaigns globally.

Alyz Henrich, Miss Earth 2013 from Venezuela will crown her successor at the end of the event and hand over the legacy for Beauty and responsibility Miss Earth 2014.  65 delegates were selected and 16 more to be announced soon.

Mayté Brito of Dominican Republic, who will initially represent Dominican Republic in 2015, replaced Cheryl Ortega.  Because of her studies Ortega was not allowed to travel to take part in the pageant.


Here is the partial list of the contestants selected to participate in Miss Earth 2014:

  1. Angola:Eugenia de Pina
  2. Australia:Dayanna Grageda
  3. Belgium:Emily Vanhoutte
  4. Bolivia:Eloísa Gutiérrez
  5. Botswana: Nicole Gaelebale
  6. Brazil:Letícia Silva
  7. Canada: Cynthia Loewen
  8. Chile:Catalina Cáceres
  9. Colombia: Alejandra Villafañe
  10. Costa Rica: Brenda Muñoz
  11. Curaçao: Akisha Albert
  12. Czech Republic: Nikola Buranská
  13. Dominican Republic: Mayté Brito
  14. Ecuador: María José Maza
  15. El Salvador: Georgina Gonzalez
  16. Fiji:Zoe McCracken
  17. France: Laëtizia Penmellen
  18. Guam: Erin Marie Camacho Wong
  19. Guatemala: Angelica Guevara Morfin
  20. Guyana: Stacy Ramcharan
  21. Hungary: Sydney Van De Bosch
  22. Indonesia: Annisa Ananda Nusyirwan
  23. Israel: Catherine Kanaan
  24. Japan: Reina Nagata
  25. Korea: Sumin Shin
  26. Latvia: Alise Feldmane
  27. Lebanon: Amina El Hassan
  28. Malaysia: Renee Tan
  29. Mauritius: Anne Sophie Lalanne
  30. Monaco: Claire Louise Catterall
  31. Myanmar: Ei Mon Khine
  32. Nepal: Prinsha Shrestha
  33. Netherlands: Danydsha Nooitmeer
  34. Nigeria: Amarachi Uwakwe
  35. Northern Ireland: Justine McEleney
  36. Pakistan: Shanzay Hayat
  37. Panama:María Gallimore
  38. Paraguay:Sendy Cáceres
  39. Peru:Elba Fahsbender
  40. Philippines:Jamie Herrell
  41. Poland:Patrycja Dorywalska
  42. Portugal:Barbara Gomes
  43. Puerto Rico:Franceska Toro
  44. Réunion Island:Lolita Hoarau
  45. Russia:Anastasia Trusova
  46. Saint Lucia:Francillia Austin
  47. Samoa:Natasha Westropp
  48. Scotland:Romy McCahill
  49. Slovakia:Dária Fabrici
  50. Slovenia:Patricia Peklar
  51. South Africa:Ilze Saunders
  52. South Sudan:Siran Samuel
  53. Suriname:Giselle Reinberg
  54. Sri Lanka:Imaya Liyanage
  55. Sweden:Frida Fornander
  56. Switzerland:Shayade Hug
  57. Tahiti:Hereata Ellard
  58. Thailand:Sasi Sintawee
  59. Tonga:Sicilia Makisi
  60. Turkey:Aybuke Pusat
  61. Ukraine: Valeriia Poloz
  62. USA:Andrea Neu
  63. U.S. Virgin Islands: Petra Cabrera
  64. Venezuela: Stephanie de Zorzi
  65. Zimbabwe: Sandiswe Bhul

Click here for more information regarding Miss Earth 2014 pageant and Follow the sites given below:

Miss Earth on Facebook
Miss Earth on Twitter
Miss Earth on Instagram
Miss Earth on YouTube

And that’s it for MNG’s Miss Earth 2014 update. For more details coming up about the pageant including, host, performances question and answers round, controversies and fashion reviews, stay tuned here at  Movie News Guide (MNG). Check out the video below:

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Kurgu Karga



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