Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler Shares Secret to Success [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ambika Thakur | 3 years ago
Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler Shares Secret to Success [WATCH VIDEO]
Five finalists at Miss Universe’06/Numizmat 675

Venezuela has been one of the returning front runners in the Miss Universe pageant. If the country wins the title this time, then they will have tie with USA for maximum number of wins.  USA has won the title eight times, and Isler is the seventh Miss Universe from Venezuela since 1979, and the third Miss Universe from Venezuela in six years.  Read on to learn more about Gabriela Isler's views on beauty and professional success.

 Gabriela Isler of Venezuela was crowned Miss Universe 2013 in a grand ceremony in Moscow after beating 86 beauties from all over the world.  In an interview with gbtimes.com, Miss Universe 2013 opened up about her professional ambitions and views on various aspects of life. According to reigning Miss Universe Gabriela Isler, there is no surreptitious modus operandi in success at beauty pageants.  Being genuine and beautiful within is what matters a lot.

 “A lot of women think that the secret of beauty is in some face cream, lotion or mascara. But my beauty tip is simple: every single day I wake up with a smile on my face thinking of the people I dearly love, about my niece and my childhood… Because when you smile with your heart, your face and your eyes are glowing, and you can conquer the world,” noted Isler.

The Venezuelan fashion model and beauty queen admitted that though there are several schools nowadays who train potential contestants, she advised other aspiring beauty queens to always be confident.

 “I believe it is not only about women’s looks, but rather about their internal beauty and virtues. People see Miss Universe as an example to the world of humanity and a role model for the girls. I am ready to give a little piece of my heart working with sick children, helping people in need,” said Isler.

In September 2014, Isler joined Nia and K. Lee at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center in New York City. She also attended the inauguration of a Yamamay store in Plaza las Américas in Cancun, Mexico. She also attended the Leaders’ Forum on “Women Leading the Way: Raising Ambition for Climate Action at the United Nations.”

During her reign, Isler endorsed Yamamay and Peugeot. As of November 2014, she has traveled to Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Canada, Colombia, Curaçao, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Philippines, Russia, Slovak Republic, Vatican City and Venezuela along with many trips around the USA.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Numizmat 675


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