Miss World Australia Postpones National Costume Reveal [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ambika Thakur | 3 years ago
Miss World Australia Postpones National Costume Reveal [WATCH VIDEO]
ANZAC Day Parade 2014 in Brisbane, Australia/Bald white guy

Miss World Australia Courtney Thorpe was set to unveil the national costume which was supposed to be a khaki pants suit based on the ANZAC women’s uniform. While Thorpe geared up for a photo shoot in the meantime designer Julie Sufi, of Belluccio, was told the costumes accessories were from the wrong period. Read on for Movie News Guide (MNG) report on Miss World Australia Courtney Thorpe national costume reveal postponed.

Upon ruling out the historical slip-ups with the ensemble, the press-conference and photo shoot were postponed. Yet the television and newspaper campaigns had to be postponed due to accessories being from the wrong time period, reports the Herald Sun.

“The medals were naval from World War 2 and we had an Akubra rather than a slouch hat.” told the 23-year-old beauty queen.

Designer Julie Sufi created the outfit as a homage to the ANZAC centenary next year which marks 100-years since the legendary battles.

Thorpe has the deep family connection with the costume theme as her grandfather was also an ANZAC who fought on the Kokoda Trail. Thorpe is, in fact, responsive of feelings linked wearing an ANZAC-themed outfit.

“It’s close to my heart and family, so it’s important everything is done right, and we’re paying tribute as honestly, accurately and respectfully as we can,” “I’m hoping it will be received well. The costume reflects who we are and our values. It makes me feel like a true blue Aussie when I wear it,” said Thorpe.

“The national costume doesn’t have the glitz and glamour normally associated with past outfits. It’s a tribute,” said Nadasha Zhang Miss World Australia national director.

Now Sufi has to be extra cautious while making alterations in the ensemble as the controversy related to national costumes created for Miss World Australia are rising. What do you think is an ANZAC-themed ensemble suitable for Miss World pageant? Tell us your opinion in comments section below.

The national costume now to be unveiled next week till then stay tuned here at  Movie News Guide (MNG) for more details coming up about the pageant including, controversies, costumes host, date and venue..

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Bald white guy


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