Mission: Impossible 6: Roles That Justice League Star Henry Cavill Could Be Playing

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Mission: Impossible 6: Roles That Justice League Star Henry Cavill Could Be Playing
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Mission: Impossible 6 is reportedly the last film in the Tom Cruise led franchise. In order to make sure that the cast is top notch, the movie recently added Henry Cavill to the cast. With the Justice League star now working with Tom Cruise, it would be interesting to see what role does Henry end up playing.

There are a few possibilities and here are some.


Over the years Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt has worked with different teams comprising of different agents. While Jeremy’s Agent Brandt or Simon Pegg’s Benji have stayed constant in the previous two movies, Henry could be playing Tom’s new teammate.

He could be a new agent in the IMF who gets recruited by Hunt for the mission. Much like other teammates of Hunt, he could have a specialized skill that Hunt might want to utilize.

Double agent

An interesting choice of role for Henry would be if he were to play a double agent in Mission: Impossible 6. He could join Ethan’s team as an agent but at a crucial point could reveal himself to be a double agent working against Hunt.

This little twist in Henry’s character would certainly take fans by surprise and would assure at least one major clash between Tom and Henry’s character.

Main villain

Nothing would be more fascinating for Henry’s fans than to see him as the main villain of the movie. Like every other villain, Henry’s character could reveal himself as the main bad guy toward the end of the movie, ensuring a breathtaking action sequence between his character and Ethan.

Makers could slightly alter the approach toward Henry’s character. Keeping details about his character wrapped up in the movie, they could make the revelation about the character in such a way that even Ethan gets surprised.

Character similar to Alec Baldwin’s

In the previous movie, Alec Baldwin’s character was indeed eye catching. He was first trying to get the IMF shut down and later on ended up joining it. Much like Alec’s character, Henry could be playing the chief of some other agency who happens to cross paths with the IMF.

Initially clashing with the agency over its operations, Henry’s character could end up joining Hunt in the new mission.

Entertainment Weekly reported the way Henry accepted the role from Christopher McQuarrie. According to the outlet it was in the latter’s Instagram comments that both chose to discuss Henry’s role. After humorous back and forth replies, Henry chose to come aboard the sixth installment led by Tom Cruise. It remains to be seen what kind of role does Henry end up having.

Mission: Impossible 6 will release on July 27 next year.


Photo source: Facebook/Mission: Impossible

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