Mission: Impossible 6 Said To Be The Most Exciting Movie In The Franchise

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Mission: Impossible 6 Said To Be The Most Exciting Movie In The Franchise
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Mission: Impossible 6 is currently being shot. Tom Cruise is back as Ethan Hunt and new stars have joined him along with some of the old cast. While a plot for the movie is not known yet, Cruise recently divulged some details about it.

Tom Cruise’s statement

Digital Spy reported that Cruise was on The Graham Norton Show when he shared details about the upcoming movie. According to the outlet, the megastar spoke about undertaking extensive physical training, which has come in handy as they shoot the Christopher McQuarrie directorial.

He also elaborated that the sixth installment in the franchise will be wild, crazy, and thrilling for the audience. He added that they have already shot some scenes in Paris.

Photos of him along with co-star Henry Cavill have been circulating online. These photos have given fans an idea of the kind of scenes that will be featured in the movie.

Mission: Impossible 6 stunt

While Cruise remains busy shooting for the sixth installment in the French capital, the stunts seem to be the most anticipated by fans.

Some time back, the producer of the movie stated that the stunt Cruise will be doing is bigger than anything he has ever done. He also added that the star has been practicing for this stunt ever since Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation released.

Considering all the dangerous and almost impossible stunts that Cruise has done in the last five movies, it does spike the interest of fans.

Quite naturally, when he was asked to give a hint about it, he did not give away any details but he promised fans that it will be worth watching.

Previous Mission: Impossible franchise stunts

Cruise has undertaken some really breathtaking stunts in the franchise. His aim is to take his stunts seriously and on a higher level. While some stunts do look like having taken place in a controlled environment, some of them feel like a near-death experience.

The stunts in the franchise have been key elements of the movie. In Mission: Impossible 2, there was the rock-climbing stunt that was shot at Dead Horse Point in Utah. While a stuntman performed the jump to the other rock, it was Cruise who did most of the rock-climbing.

Similarly in Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol, Cruise decided he would climb Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world from the outside. He shared a picture with him sitting on top of it, unperturbed by its height.

In Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation, he hung outside an A400M as the plane took off. The stunt worried many because if Cruise were to lose his grip, he could have fallen to his death.

End of the franchise

Another update that was reported some time back was that the upcoming movie would be the last movie in the franchise. However, no confirmation has been released yet.


No official plot for the movie has released yet. But going by the previous movies, it will witness the return of Ethan Hunt along with some new IMF operatives as he and his team takes down a megalomaniac determined to destroy the world.

Release date

Mission: Impossible 6 will release on July 27 next year.


Photo source: YouTube/BBC America

Facebook/Mission: Impossible

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