‘Mission Impossible 6’ Will Be Unique In Its Own Fashion

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘Mission Impossible 6’ Will Be Unique In Its Own Fashion
Mission Impossible 6

The ‘Mission Impossible’ franchise has been quite a hit in all the installments. The reason can be owed to the makers of the movie.  “Mission Impossible 6, like all other installments will be unique and different in its own way.

The director and writer of the series Christopher McQuarrie has done wonders with every sequel of the movie. He has been confirmed to be coming back for the sixth installment – “Mission Impossible 6,” according to cinemablend.com. In every part, a new tinge of flavor has been added by Brad Bird, Brian D Palma, J.J. Abrams. They have left unique marks on every part of the movie. By the reprise of Christopher McQuarrie as a writer and director, one can expect a different outlook of the movie altogether.


According to  slashfilm.com ,the films of McQuarrie are unique in its own way and even though the area of Rogue Nation was a new one, it could feel like it was his movie. He has always relied on the way of showing more action rather than just telling and explaining the story. This time he is probably to shift his entire plot as well as himself to a new direction altogether.

He has definitely learned many things from the Rogue nation, one of which is that you do not need big explosions as well as car wrecks. He said that you do not actually want as much as you think that you do. There were a lot of action sequences in the movie, one of them being the motorcycle sequence. He said that he would probably opt for a leaner plot of the next installment.

He said that he wants to be a filmmaker who is different in every movie. In every movie that he has done, the director has just grown and that’s what matters a lot. He learns things from the previous movie and applies it to his next one. He also said that if the two movies looked similar, he would be disappointed.

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