‘Mission: Impossible 6’ In The Works! Tom Cruise Reveals Plot, Release Date

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Mission: Impossible 6’ In The Works! Tom Cruise Reveals Plot, Release Date

Tom Cruise’s “Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation” is finally out in the theaters as fans expect to see some good old high octane stunts that continue to glue them to their seats. With this movie also promising some breath taking stunts, one can’t help but question where is the franchise going? Will there be another installment in the franchise? If yes then when will we get to see it? Leading man Tom Cruise has the answers for it.

According to Cinema Blend, Tom Cruise is already thinking about the future of the installment and it only hints at good news. According to the actor, he won’t be taking very long to come out with the sixth installment as he intends to start production next year. If that is the case, then 2017 would be the year when we could see the sixth installment from the franchise dazzling us with its hard core action scenes and breathtaking locations. This has to be the first time when there’s such a little gap between two installments since the fourth part in the franchise “Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol” released in 2011.

More details about the movie were revealed by Tom Cruise himself when he was on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”. He added that they have started to work on the sixth installment and will probably shoot the movie next summer. Details on who will be directing the movie is still unknown as the franchise is known to enlisting different directors for each of its installment. However that didn’t stop suggestions from being poured in for who could take on the responsibility. Amongst the suggestions, Joss Whedon and Doug Liman’s name popped up as the preferred choice. It would be interesting to see Tom Cruise along with a mix of old and new stars in the franchise bringing forward yet another action packed movie for fans to enjoy.

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Photo source: Facebook/Tom Cruise

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