‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’ Movie: Tom Cruise In His Most Death Defying Stunt Yet! [WATCH VIDEO]

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’ Movie: Tom Cruise In His Most Death Defying Stunt Yet! [WATCH VIDEO]
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Tom Cruise has only one reaction in his “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” plane stunt—“Holy sh*t!” The 53-year-old actor filmed what is “undoubtedly the most dangerous stunt the movie has ever made” in his upcoming movie, the fifth installment of “Mission Impossible” franchise, “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.”

Why do the stunts look so real? Because it is real! No green screen, no fake stunts and no double.

Cruise himself filmed his most death-defying plane stunt without any double; literally hanging off on the side of an airplane at 150 MPH in a 38 degree weather and mind you, he did it not once but eight times!

The stunt where Ethan Hunt played by Cruise strapped to the side of an Aibus A4000M plane can be seen at the end of the released full trailer of his upcoming movie.

In his latest interview Carly Steel in Entertainment News,  the Hollywood “Top Gun” actor was asked “What was he thinking?!” Deciding to do a stunt that can definitely kill him in one wrong move, that’s insane! But for Cruise… “What the hell?!”

Cruise laughingly admitted that while he’s doing the stunt and was going down a runway…he was like “Holy sh*t!”

He described the experience as reminiscent of a western duel. He recalled himself having a dramatic stare-down with the giant plane the night before the filming. In detailed explanation, Cruise said that they went straight ahead to the airport from the studio, it was a foggy, rainy night and that’s when he saw the plane “…this thing just looked like a beast!—It was just sitting there, like, ‘Yeah!'”

But how did Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie pulled off an unbelievable airplane stunt? Here’s what they revealed in their recent interview.

In an interview done by Entertainment Weekly, director McQuarrie admitted that they wanted to do something that didn’t replicate anything that has already been done before, that they need to surpass what the “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” did.

He revealed that it was a half- joke when he suggested to Cruise if that plane took him off on the side, and without any hesitation, Cruise agreed to it saying that “Yeah, I could do that.”

According to the movie’s stunt coordinator,  Wade Eastwood, his stuntman has the least work of any stuntman in the world. Eastwood even added that if anyone wants to get a swear word out of Tom, it’s best to use the words “green screen.”

To avoid any complications during the plane stunt, the team made sure that Cruise wore custom contact lenses to prevent particle from flying into his eyes and an off-the-rack suit with warm layer underneath to ward against the autumnal chill.

The “Mission Impossible:Rogue Nation” film will be released next week, July 31. Watch Tom Cruise in his latest stunt for the highly anticipated movie below:

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