‘Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation’: What Do All the Teasers Combined Tell Us?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation’: What Do All the Teasers Combined Tell Us?

Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation,” the fifth installment in the Tom Cruise led franchise, is nearing release. With every movie that Cruise brings, he promises to bring something more exciting and breathtaking than the previous one. From scaling building like the Burj Khalifa, free solo climbing at the Dead Horse Point State Park or holding his breath for a really long time, Cruise has done it all in this successful film franchise. With the upcoming movie releasing soon, we take a look at what fans will get to see in this movie. Read on.

A couple of teasers and one-minute TV spots have since released to give a little sneak peek at what Ethan Hunt and his team members are going to face this time. If we are talking about some high-octane stunts, then bikes often come in handy and Tom Cruise has been famous with bikes after having dealt with them in his other action movies.

The first Featurette shows him and co-star Rebecca Ferguson racing on the mountaintop while being chased. The reason this stunt is special is because there’s hardly any CGI there and it looks real because it’s real.

Teaser 1- Watch Video

The second TV Spot shows a bit humorous side. Benji is heard saying that one day Ethan is going to outdo himself by taking it too far. That’s when the car containing Ethan and Benji doing somersaults is shown. It hints at maybe this installment is the one where Ethan will finally outdo himself.

Teaser 2- Watch Video

The third teaser shows what the team is pit against and which clearly is something that could prove to be the reason for their extinction.

Teaser 3- Watch Video

The fourth one is in line with the previous one where their motivation to tackle the threat. Also, they will be doing it for each other and for their friends.

Teaser 4- Watch Video

The fifth teaser is probably Cruise’s favorite equipment to play with. As mentioned earlier, bikes are something that Cruise often used with his stunts. It is a perfect example of how “action speaks louder than words.” All it shows is the speed at which the bike is running and what goes down at the moment.

Teaser 5- Watch Video

The sixth teaser showcases one of the most dangerous stunts Cruise must have ever done. He jumps into 75000 gallons of water without an Oxygen tank. It was when he stays put under water for two and a half minutes. The first thing that probably goes down the drain with this is the safety protocol.

Teaser 6- Watch Video

The seventh teaser tells you about the 14 narrow city blocks where the car chase scene was shot and apparently there were no brakes to stop the car. That explains why the car is shown somersaulting. The final teaser just about sums it all up showing the new threat, new members and a new mission that Ethan chose to accept.

Teaser 7- Watch Video

All in all, it should be noted that all the teasers combined together hint at one thing. The movie is going to be probably one of the best movies in the franchise. Should Cruise ever choose to stop doing more movies in the franchise, this could be the perfect closing.


Teaser 8- Watch Video

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Here is the final trailer of the movie:

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