Missouri Senate Race: Akin Still Fighting

By admin | 6 years ago

Todd Akin has not been written off quite yet by Republicans. The congressman from Missouri, who seemed to be banished by the establishment in the Republican Party due to his remark in August about “legitimate rape”, is being brought back slowly into the fold by a number of prominent conservatives in his attempt to win one of the state’s senate races.

Senator Claire McCaskill, the incumbent who Akin is attempting to defeat, has remained relatively quiet until this week. On Tuesday, she unloaded on Akin, signalling that the race might be closer than what most initially thought following Akin’s remarks of last month.

Only a few weeks ago, the Republican establishments message was finish with Akin as it was pressuring him to drop out of the Senate race, by cutting off all funding and putting resources into other campaigns. However, now following the deadline of Tuesday for candidates to drop out of the race, elements in that same establishment have changed their tune.

Recent voter polls showed that the incumbent McCaskill was leading by just single digits, which did not make for an open and shut contest. Some prominent conservatives are confident Akin still has a chance to win. Roy Blunt, the other senator for Missouri and a Republican said he supports Akin. Blunt said he does not agree on everything with Akin, but the two do agree the Senate power must change.

McCaskill said this week that it was shameful that Republicans were supporting Akin and released a campaign ad that asked the voters what Akin would say next.


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