Mister International 2014 Contestants [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ambika Thakur | 3 years ago

The 9th edition of the Mister International pageant will be held at the Wapop Hall in Seoul, Korea on Feb. 12, 2015. José Anmer Paredes of Venezuela will crown his successor at grand finale of the Mister International 2014.

According to Missosology.info, four special awards will be handed out at the gala including Best Body, Mister Congeniality, Mister Photogenic and Best National Costume.

See the full list of the 56 delegates who are confirmed to participate for the title of Mister International 2015 as posted on Missosology.info

  1. Argentina, Daniel Cajiao
  2. Australia, Marco Sepulveda
  3. Azerbaijan, Ali Zahirli
  4. Bahamas, Kenneth Kerr
  5. Belgium, Fabio Ronti
  6. Bolivia, Emir Alejandro Ávila
  7. Brazil, Matheus Martins
  8. Cambodia, Kosal Touch
  9. Canada, Dan Marana
  10. Chile, Cristobal Alvarez
  11. China, Shi Yu Quan
  12. Colombia, David Angel
  13. Costa Rica, Bryan Mora
  14. Czech Republic, Tomáš Dumbrovský
  15. Dominican Republic, Giuseppe Paulino
  16. Ecuador, Nicolas Lopez Zamora
  17. El Salvador, Elman Rivera
  18. Fiji, Ashneel Jaynesh
  19. France, Bryan Weber
  20. Germany, Matthias Kultscher
  21. Greece, Konstantinos Giagmouris
  22. Guam, Richard Johnson
  23. Haiti, Noel Guidson
  24. Honduras, Kilber Benjamin Gutiérrez Ponce
  25. India, Parmeet Wahi
  26. Indonesia, Kevin Hendrawan
  27. Japan, Masakazu Hashimoto
  28. Korea, Jin Soo Jung
  29. Kyrgyzstan, Ilias Urmat Uulu
  30. Latvia, Kirstaps Vilde
  31. Lebanon, Rabih El Zein
  32. Macau, Elvis Chan
  33. Malaysia, CJ Lee
  34. Mexico, Alejandro Valencia
  35. Myanmar, Aung Chan Mya
  36. Nepal, Subarna Khadka
  37. Netherlands, Michael Glenn
  38. New Zealand, Dylan Brown
  39. Nicaragua, Edson Janyny Bonilla
  40. Nigeria, Izuchukwu Anoliefo Charles
  41. Panama, Arian Alexis López
  42. Peru, Bruno Yanez Zelada
  43. Philippines, Neil Perez
  44. Poland, Rafał Maślak
  45. Puerto Rico, Christian Ortíz
  46. Singapore, Andy Wong
  47. Slovenia, Mitja Nadizar
  48. Spain, David Roca Martínez
  49. Sri Lanka, Tharshan Thiyagarajah
  50. Switzerland, Frédéric Marini
  51. Thailand, Vittawat Srikes
  52. Turkey, Eray Aydos
  53. Ukraine, Bohdan Yusypchuk
  54. USA, Andrew Caban
  55. Venezuela, Yarnaldo Rey Morales
  56. Vietnam, Tri Nguyen Duc

And that’s it for the Mister International 2014 update. For more details coming up about the pageant, stay tuned here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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