Mistresses Finale Spoilers: Til Death Do Us Apart

By Alex | 3 years ago
Mistresses Finale Spoilers: Til Death Do Us Apart
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“Mistresses” Season 2 Finale Episode 13 “Til Death Do Us Apart” airs on Monday, Sept. 11, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. Savi and her girlfriends face their problems, while Joss prepares for her upcoming engagement party. WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Read only if you want to learn more about  Movie News Guide’s (MNG)  spoilers for Episode 13 “Til Death Do Us Apart.

Previously on Episode 12 “Surprise” (air date: Aug. 25, 2014), Karen cannot believe that Ben was in front of her doorstep. Karen immediately went for  a blood test. It was after she heard the shocking news from Ben that she might be contracted a disease from their one-night stand. She immediately bolted out from the clinic when the doctor tried to ask about her sex life.

Joss and Harry have been spending some time after some major changes in their lives as business partners. She was now engaged with Scott, while Harry spent a night with their boss, Greta. Joss was with Scott’s mother  when she  vented out over Harry’s attitude on her engagement. Joss and Harry even had a stand-off regarding Harry’s move on re-scheduling the catering event, which might clash with her engagement party.

Savi, on the other hand, finally went on a date with Zack. It seems that their chemistry fizzled due to their differences. Despite their failed first date, Savi agreed to spend another dinner date with him. They had a really good time after Zack sang with the band, but she later freaks out during their bicycle ride.

April continued to ask some questions about Paul from her ex-lover, Daniel. They were really surprised when Lucy barged in to get her iPod. Later, she got a call from Paul at her home. She didn’t obey the plan and told Paul that the FBI is already looking for him.

Elsewhere, Scoot wanted to get a great gift for Joss so he asked Harry for help. Harry told him that he gave Joss some vintage records when Joss was mourning about their family problems. He also suggested that Joss would like a record player, but Scott decided to buy a jukebox instead.

The episode ended with a surprised Joss accepting Scott’s marriage proposal and a record player. April was arrested for refusing to help the FBI and for using her husband’s insurance money. Karen then decided to take the test after visiting a church.

SPOILER ALERT: “Mistresses” Season 2 Finale Episode 13 “Til Death Do Us Apart” is directed by John Scott and written by K.J. Steinberg.

Spoiler TV posted the official synopsis of the upcoming episode. “Til Death Do Us Apart” will center on the engagement party for Joss and Scott. Karen and April continue to struggle with their own personal problems, while Savi felt that her feelings have changed.

And that’s it for the recap and spoilers of “Mistresses.” Season 2 Finale Episode 13 “Til Death Do Us Apart” will air on Monday, Sept. 1, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. Follow MNG as we keep you posted on updates about “Mistresses.”

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