‘Mistresses’ Season 3 Finale Spoilers [Watch Video]

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Mistresses’ Season 3 Finale Spoilers [Watch Video]

Mistresses” Season 3 is one of the strongest seasons of the series yet and it is now coming to an end. And because of that, things might just get even crazier when this season wraps up! Read below for some spoilers on the upcoming season 3 finale:

According to Carter Matt, the promo for “Mistresses” Season 3 finale sees Joss making a toast and April who is now becoming aware of what Marc really feels. It may be short, but it hints that this is going to be one dramatic finale for the series.

There is still no news whether “Mistresses” will have a Season 4. If doesn’t get renewed, we are going to have the worst cliffhanger ending. Another “Mistresses” spoiler hint that Karen and Vivian will share an emotional scene together and finally the truth behind Luca’s death will finally be revealed.

“Mistresses” Season 3 Episode 13 “Goodbye Girl” also suggests that you are going to need some booze and tissues while watching it, so make sure that you stock up on those already.

Watch the “Mistresses” Season 3 finale promo below:


“Mistresses” fans have a lot of questions leading to the season 3 finale of the show such as will Vivian survive? In Episode 12, she told Karen that she’s sick. She made her promise not to tell anyone about her liver problems that are currently failing. Another question is, will Joss finally know who killed Luca? We think all of these questions will be answered on the upcoming season finale of the show.

Don’t miss “Mistresses” Season 3 finale on Thursday on ABC.

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‘Mistresses’ season 3 finale spoilers: The hype is real in new ABC promo

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