Mistresses Season 3 Premiere, Spoilers: Jennifer Esposito Joins Cast As A Stylish Socialite

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Mistresses Season 3 Premiere, Spoilers: Jennifer Esposito Joins Cast As A Stylish Socialite

“Mistresses” season 3 spoilers revealed some exciting news that fans of the hit ABC drama series should not dare miss. It was revealed that several plot twists were to be expected following the exit of some of the show’s lead actresses. Viewers should also look forward to a new “stylish” but dark character to be played by Jennifer Esposito.

Spoilers from IB Times, revealed that Karen (Yunjin Kim)’s mysterious diagnosis will be revealed in the premiere of “Mistresses” season 3. The first episode would also explain the abrupt departure of Alyssa Milano’s character, Savi. It was revealed that Savi will play a pivotal role in the premiere.

Milano announced her exit from the series in October. She revealed that the showrunners have decided to move the shoot of “Mistresses” season 3 in Vancouver, Canada for financial reasons. She explained that she cannot relocate because she needed to prioritize her family.

“Being a mother and a wife comes first, and I just cannot uproot my children and separate the family by moving away.”

She later added that she will miss the job “desperately” and wished everyone the best in the forthcoming episodes.

As fans say goodbye to Savi, another character will be introduced in the series. “Blue Bloods” star Jennifer Esposito will join “Mistresses” and play the role of the “uber fabulous” and “larger than life” socialite Calista Raine. Spoilers revealed that Esposito’s character would have a “great sense of humor and style” but fans should also have to keep an eye on her dark side.

Executive producers of “Mistresses” also teased that a “very special guest” from season 1 will be returning for the third season. We wonder who that could be.

There you have it on the latest “Mistresses” season 3 spoilers. An all new episode premieres in June only on ABC.

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