Mistresses Season 3 Spoilers, Release Date: Alyssa Milano Replaced By Mystery Season 1 Cast

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Mistresses Season 3 Spoilers, Release Date: Alyssa Milano Replaced By Mystery Season 1 Cast

Mistresses” season 3 spoilers revealed that exciting twists will happen in the forthcoming episodes. After the jaw-dropping season 2 finale, things are only about to heat up. However, it’s not as what we’ve expected it to be since aside from the revelation of Karen’s (Yunjin Kim) mysterious diagnosis, Alyssa Milano’s abrupt departure will also be addressed in the upcoming season 3 premiere.

In an interview with TV Line, “Mistresses” show runner Rina Mimoun revealed that she can’t speak about Milano leaving “Mistresses.” What she can only say was that Savi will still be part of the season 3 premiere.

In October, Milano confirmed that she will be leaving “Mistresses” when the cast decided to relocate to Vancouver Canada for financial reasons. The actress said that her responsibility as a wife and mother would always come first. She said that it would not be possible to uproot her children and her family from what they’re used to just to follow the series.

“I will miss this job desperately and wish everyone the absolute best,” she said.

After her shocking announcement, the series’ fans are left questioning “What will “Mistresses” season 3’s plotline be like now without Savi (Allysa Milano)?” After several months of thinking, it seems that an answer comes with Savi’s sister Joss (Jes Macallan).

Macalla teased that the upcoming “Mistresses” season 3 episodes was originally supposed to have a time lapse of six months, but the writers decided to go against it for they felt that they would shortchange the audience.

“It’d feel like a disservice. Everybody had big news coming in,” she revealed.

So what will happen to “Mistresses” season 3 now that Savi’s character is gone? Apparently, the show runners are thinking of bringing back another character from season 1 to “wreck havoc in the lives of one of the Mistresses.” Any guess on who will it be? Guess we just all have to find out.

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