‘Mistresses’ Season 3 Spoilers: ‘The Best Laid Plans’ Episode; Unsuspecting Characters Will Have Steamy Scenes

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago

The “Mistresses” Season 3 Episode 7  “The Best Laid Plans” would be way hotter than what you expected. Read on for more details.

Based on the released promo teaser for episode 7 of the third installment, there would be unsuspecting characters that will shock us by having connections to each other; locking lips and all.

According to IBTimes, the first two characters that will certainly tease the fans in a very steamy, sexy situation will be Yunjin Kim’s character, Karen and Ed Quinn’s character, Alec.

You heard it right! Alec, who is the third party in Karen’s relationship, has just become the main priority! Fans now wonder how these two will end up under the sheets without Vivian (Sonja Bennett). Aside from having a glimpse, the two will end up getting an unexpected steamy scene inside a supply closet. It was after the doctor seductively revealed to Karen that he knows what she likes, no one knows what will happen next to these two.

On the other hand, Jes Macallan’s character, Joss will be in a very strange situation for her friend, Calista.

We all know that Calista is so desperate to catch his husband’s affair, wanting him to be caught lying and cheating. She also divorced him so she can save her hard-earned empire.

If Calista leave Luca without laying out proofs about his affairs, he could end up getting half of the profit she’s made. No cheated wife would like that, right?

This is where Joss will step in. She will be acting as Luca’s mistress!

Calista didn’t know that while she’s complaining about her trying for months to catch her husband screwing around, Joss, on the other hand, has already composed her brilliant plan.

“Unless… you do catch him…we’re going to nail him!” Joss declared—and she literally meant it! She will pose as Luca’s mistress, she will seduce Calista’s husband while the latter captures the footage.

“You’re one twisted sister,” Calista responds to her sister’s devious plan.

“It’s part of my charm,” Joss replied.

The “Mistresses” Season 3 Episode 7 airs every Thursday 9:00 p.m. on ABC.

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