Misty Copeland Makes History; Becomes The First Black Principal Dancer With ‘American Ballet Theater’

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Misty Copeland Makes History; Becomes The First Black Principal Dancer With ‘American Ballet Theater’
Misty Copeland

American Ballerina Misty Copeland has created history as the first black American-African principal dancer and has been promoted from soloist to the highest rank of the prestigious “American Ballet Theater.” She has inscribed a record in the company’s 75 years of history.

The 32-year old Copeland has become one of America’s most renowned female athletes by mesmerizing the public attention both onstage and off. “American Ballet Theater” had appointed her as a soloist in 2007.

Similar to Copeland’s onstage supremacy far beyond dance, which she has shown last week to the world, her popularity is yielding larger and larger business opportunities offstage making her the ‘most and popular and browsed personality’ over Internet.

Time Magazine named Copeland as “100 most influential people” and featured her performing-picture on one of the five different covers in April 2015. The Romanian former gymnast and the winner of three Olympic gold medals, Nadia Comăneci, wrote in Time that Copeland “is a model of all young girls” and her story was one of “someone who followed her dreams and refused to give up.”

“Bringing on Misty Copeland is the best decision we have ever made,” said Adrienne R Lofton to The Washington Post. Lofton is a senior vice president (global brand marketing) of the Baltimore-based sportswear giant “Under Armour.”

“We have always had powerful female athletes, but we have never had a story as dynamic as Misty’s, with that underdog mentality she has … bucking up against all these traditional norms, showing men, women and kids that athletes come in all shapes and sizes,” he added.

The new role of Copeland, which will start from August 1, 2015, is widely expected to mark in the company’s history of three women – Julie Kent, Paloma Herrera and Xiomara Reyes who served as principals in “America Ballet Theater” from time to time.

Copeland is the author of a best-selling memoir titled “Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina.” “They came to see things my way, that my curves are part of who I am as a dancer, not something I need to lose to become one,” she writes in her book.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Misty Copeland

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